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*** TODO - A one file mini-bugzilla for JACK developers             ***

Version: $Id: TODO 924 2005-09-11 12:22:10Z kaiv $

NOTE: web-based bug tracker for JACK was put online in Oct 2003. It is 
      now the preferred way to report and track bugs and feature 
      requests. This TODO file is now used only for tracking release 
      issues (mapping features and other todo-items to release 
      roadmap, etc).

The new bug tracker can be found at:



You can update this list directly via CVS or alternatively
send a change request to jackit-devel mailing list.


TODO for merging Mac OS X support

- clean up other header files
  -- <sysdeps/poll.h>, fakepoll.h, etc.
  -- <sysdeps/ipc.h>, <sys/ipc.h> in shm.c

TODO before-1.0

- add explanation of protocol versioning to README.developers (kaiv)

TODO post-1.0

- jack session handling (taybin)
- handle mixed-mode 64bit and 32bit clients (joq)
- first client run without jackd becomes jackd (joq)

TODO general - no agreed timeline

- better scheme for handling machine and system dependencies (joq)
- proper handling of client return values in libjack
- pool based malloc for rt client-local mem allocation (paul, moved back here)

TO BE DECIDED - no agreed timeline

- dropping the use of CAP_RESOURCE (nando)
- support for on-the-fly sampling rate change
- whether to default to triangular dithering for 16bit output. (swh)

TO THINK ABOUT - no agreed timeline

- ensure that UST/MSC pairs work for transport API
- whether we want to support varispeed (resampling and/or changing
  the actual rate)
- per-block timestamping against system clock (UST stamps at driver level)
- dynamically increase the total number of ports in the system

CLOSED (date,who,comment)

- don't build static libraries of drivers and ip-clients (2003/10/07,paul)
- API to change buffer size (joq) (2003/10/07)
- added code to enforce the 'bufsize==2^x' rule (taybin) (2003/8/28)
- make sure that process callbacks always have nframes equal to buffersize (2003/08/27,done,kaiv)
- add Paul's graph/subgraph explanation to the design doc (2003/08/27,done,kaiv)
- add support for custom jackd --tmpdir in libjack (2003/05/06,done,jesse)
- capture_client has pthread_mutex_lock() in its process() (2003/05/30,fixed,joq)
- update at least the user-visible copyrights with year 2003 (2003/04/05,done,paul)
- add a sane way handle situations where the unix sockets already 
    exist when jackd is started (2003/04/05,sockets removed on startup,paul)
- figure out how to have pools of buffers for ports by type - (2003/04/05, paul, implicit in new shm/port segment system)
- passing args to drivers and clients? (?,done long ago,paul)
- pool based malloc for rt client-local mem allocation (paul)
- getting callbacks and args from dynamically loaded clients? (2003/02/25, paul, see jack/jack.h)
- how do dynamically loaded clients (un)register ports, activate, etc. (2003/02/25, paul, see example-clients/inprocess.c)
- server<->libjack interface version handshake (2003/02/11, trutkin, done)
- alsa-driver parameter parsing patch (2003/02/25, joq, done)
- jack_deactive called unconditionally in jack_client_close (2003/02/05, kaiv, fixed)
- call time client before all others (2003/01/28, kaiv, another solution)
- finalize discussion on transport API, and implement (2003/08/04, joq)
- whether to hide the transport.h structs from clients (2003/08/04, joq)
- define transport info struct contents (2003/08/13, joq)
- resolve helper thread design question? (2003/08/31, joq)
- get portaudio driver working under Linux (2003/10/29, joq)


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