Mirror was designed to duplicate a directory hierarchy between two machines using the FTP protocol.  It avoids copying files unnecessarily by comparing file time-stamps and sizes before transferring.  Mirror was written by Lee McLoughlin last known at <lmjm@doc.ic.ac.uk>.

The latest version is Mirror 2.9 which will run on Un*x, Wind*ws 95 and Wind*ws NT.  It requires only Perl 5 or later.


Beginner's Quickstart Guide
    Step-by-step guide to mirroring a Debian binary distribution using the mm/ and package/ files debian-dists.

Mirror FAQ
    A collection of frequently asked questions and answers.

Release Notes for Debian mirror
    A short guide to configuring and using the Debian mirror package.

Reference Manual
    The full guide to using mirror including all the command line arguments and keywords, with suggestions for mirroring unusual file systems, example files and hints.

Mirror Master
    Mirror Master is aimed at archive maintainers with very complex mirroring needs who need to run multiple mirrors in parallel.

ls-lR Efficient FTP Mirrors
    Reduce download size of directory listings and improve tracking. Let mkls-lR make compressed daily differences of directory listings in ls-lR.patch.gz files on your FTP server. Set your FTP client mirror to use ls-lR.patch.gz files when run daily by crontab.

Changes since Mirror 2.8
    For those running the old version here is what's new.

Debian worldwide mirror sites
    The Debian Project's official list of Debian mirror sites with instructions on selection. Run mirrors to find the closest.
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