Multilayer PDF XFig figures using LaTeX for typesetting

Beamer presentations are going to become more and more common. I think the most compatible format is a PDF document for a presentation. This helps if you have to use a different computer for the presentation e.g. if your notebook doesn't work anymore or if it doesn't want to work with the beamer environment. You might decide to use PDF-LaTeX for typesetting your slides and your figures e.g. to use the powerfull beamer package. In that case you will need to produce overlay techniques to get dynamic into your figures e.g. to lead the focus on parts of the figure. The here presented fig2mpdf tool can do that for XFig figures. Furthermore I present a solution for the overlaid text problem which occures if you use the default tools for LaTeX figures.

fig2mpdfThe tool for generating overlayable figure document using one xfig document as source.
fig2devThe fig2dev drivers for handling the overlaid LaTeX text problem.
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