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The default key bindings

The default key bindings are patterned after those in the EMACS text

     Ctrl-a  Beginning Of Line              Meta-b  Backward Word
     Ctrl-b  Backward Character             Meta-f  Forward Word
     Ctrl-d  Delete Next Character          Meta-i  InsertFile
     Ctrl-e  End Of Line                    Meta-k  Kill To End Of Paragraph
     Ctrl-f  Forward Character              Meta-q  Form Paragraph
     Ctrl-g  Multiply Reset                 Meta-v  Previous Page
     Ctrl-h  Delete Previous Character      Meta-y  Insert Current Selection
     Ctrl-j  Newline And Indent             Meta-z  Scroll One Line Down
     Ctrl-k  Kill To End Of Line            Meta-d  Delete Next Word
     Ctrl-l  Redraw Display                 Meta-D  Kill Word
     Ctrl-m  Newline                        Meta-h  Delete Previous Word
     Ctrl-n  Next Line                      Meta-H  Backward Kill Word
     Ctrl-o  Newline And Backup             Meta-<  Beginning Of File
     Ctrl-p  Previous Line                  Meta->  End Of File
     Ctrl-r  Search/Replace Backward        Meta-]  Forward Paragraph
     Ctrl-s  Search/Replace Forward         Meta-[  Backward Paragraph
     Ctrl-t  Transpose Characters
     Ctrl-u  Multiply by 4        Meta-Delete            Delete Previous Word
     Ctrl-v  Next Page            Meta-Shift Delete      Kill Previous Word
     Ctrl-w  Kill Selection       Meta-Backspace         Delete Previous Word
     Ctrl-y  Unkill               Meta-Shift Backspace   Kill Previous Word
     Ctrl-z  Scroll One Line Up

In addition, the pointer may be used to cut and paste text:

          Button 1 Down    Start Selection
          Button 1 Motion  Adjust Selection
          Button 1 Up      End Selection (cut)
          Button 2 Down    Insert Current Selection (paste)
          Button 3 Down    Extend Current Selection
          Button 3 Motion  Adjust Selection
          Button 3 Up      End Selection(cut)

Since all of these key and pointer bindings are set through the
translations and resource manager, the user and the application
programmer can modify them by changing the Text widget's translations
resource (Note: Actions specific to aXe, for examples of the

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