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10 Scientific Functions

The functions described here perform trigonometric and other
transcendental calculations.  They generally produce floating-point
answers correct to the full current precision.  The `H' (Hyperbolic)
and `I' (Inverse) flag keys must be used to get some of these functions
from the keyboard.

   One miscellanous command is shift-`P' (`calc-pi'), which pushes the
value of `pi' (at the current precision) onto the stack.  With the
Hyperbolic flag, it pushes the value `e', the base of natural
logarithms.  With the Inverse flag, it pushes Euler's constant `gamma'
(about 0.5772).  With both Inverse and Hyperbolic, it pushes the
"golden ratio" `phi' (about 1.618).  (At present, Euler's constant is
not available to unlimited precision; Calc knows only the first 100
digits.)  In Symbolic mode, these commands push the actual variables
`pi', `e', `gamma', and `phi', respectively, instead of their values;
Note: Symbolic Mode.

   The `Q' (`calc-sqrt') [`sqrt'] function is described elsewhere;
Note: Basic Arithmetic.  With the Inverse flag [`sqr'], this command
computes the square of the argument.

   Note: Prefix Arguments, for a discussion of the effect of numeric
prefix arguments on commands in this chapter which do not otherwise
interpret a prefix argument.

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