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3 Using `units' non-interactively

The `units' program can perform units conversions non-interactively
from the command line.  To do this, type the command, type the original
units expression, and type the new units you want.  You will probably
need to protect the units expressions from interpretation by the shell
using single quote characters.

   If you type

         units '2 liters' 'quarts'
   then `units' will print

             * 2.1133764
             / 0.47317647
and then exit.  The output tells you that 2 liters is about 2.1 quarts,
or alternatively that a quart is about 0.47 times 2 liters.

   If the conversion is successful, then `units' will return success (0)
to the calling environment.  If `units' is given non-conformable units
to convert, it will print a message giving the reduced form of each
unit and it will return failure (nonzero) to the calling environment.

   When `units' is invoked with only one argument, it will print out
the definition of the specified unit.  It will return failure if the
unit is not defined and success if the unit is defined.

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