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1 Overview of `units'

The `units' program converts quantities expressed in various scales to
their equivalents in other scales.  The `units' program can handle
multiplicative scale changes as well as nonlinear conversions such as
Fahrenheit to Celsius.(1) Temperature conversions require a special
syntax.  Note: Temperature Conversion Example.

   The units are defined in an external data file.  You can use the
extensive data file that comes with this program, or you can provide
your own data file to suit your needs.

   You can use the program interactively with prompts, or you can use it
from the command line.

   ---------- Footnotes ----------

   (1) But Fahrenheit to Celsius is linear, you insist.  Not so.  A
transformation T is linear if T(x+y)=T(x)+T(y) and this fails for
T(x)=ax+b.  This transformation is affine, but not linear.

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