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2.2 Representation of Characters

This section briefly discusses how characters are represented in Emacs
buffers.  Note: Key Sequences, for information on representing key
sequences to create key bindings.

   ASCII graphic characters in Emacs buffers are displayed with their
graphics.  <LFD> is the same as a newline character; it is displayed by
starting a new line.  <TAB> is displayed by moving to the next tab stop
column (usually every 8 spaces).  Other control characters are
displayed as a caret (`^') followed by the non-control version of the
character; thus, `C-a' is displayed as `^A'.  Non-ASCII characters 128
and up are displayed with octal escape sequences; thus, character code
243 (octal), also called `M-#' when used as an input character, is
displayed as `\243'.

   The variable `ctl-arrow' may be used to alter this behavior.  Note:
Display Vars.

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