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10 Registers

XEmacs "registers" are places in which you can save text or positions
for later use.  Once you save text or a rectangle in a register, you
can copy it into the buffer once or many times; a position saved in a
register is used by moving point to that position.  Rectangles can also
be copied into and out of registers (Note: Rectangles).

   Each register has a name which is a single character.  A register can
store a piece of text, a rectangle, a position, a window configuration,
or a file name, but only one thing at any given time.  Whatever you
store in a register remains there until you store something else in that
register.  To see what a register R contains, use `M-x view-register'.

`M-x view-register <RET> R'
     Display a description of what register R contains.

   `M-x view-register' reads a register name as an argument and then
displays the contents of the specified register.

RegPos. Saving positions in registers.
RegText. Saving text in registers.
RegRect. Saving rectangles in registers.
RegConfig. Saving window configurations in registers.
RegFiles. File names in registers.
RegNumbers. Numbers in registers.
Bookmarks are like registers, but persistent.

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