Some Photos of Cargese Summer School 2006

In case you don't want to click every photo seperately, ALL.tar is a Linux archive and a Windows archive containing all my photos (each archive about 60MB) but not the film mentioned below.

The chronological order of the photos is as follows:
Starting from 236 up to 289, then returning to 1 up to 149. ;-)  The folder climbingNearPiana is from the Sunday-excursion of Felix, Luca and me (Sebastian) and fits in the time ordering just after 42. The film (60MB) is at the Welcome Party (some will remember) and it is not included in the archive files. It fits in the chronological order
right after 267.

(1) 236-263
(2) 264-289
(3) 1-33
(4) 36-90a
(5) 90b-115
(6) 116-140
(7) 141-149

climbingNearPiana (no spectacular cliff-hanging. sorry ...)