ESI Research Program in March - July 2000

Duality, String Theory and M-Theory

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The Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematical Physics (ESI) in Vienna will be hosting a research program on Duality, String Theory and M-Theory during the period March 15 - July 15, 2000.

The purpose of this program is to bring together experts in this field and to provide a stimulating atmosphere for discussion and collaboration. As part of the activity there will be a conference in the first half of April. We expect another peak of activity in June/July.

If you are interested in attending the program and/or the conference please contact the organizers.

The list of scientists planning to participate includes:

M. Abou-Zeid (Berlin), O. Aharony (Rutgers), O. Andreev (Berlin), G. Arutyunov (Munich), V. Batyrev (Tübingen), P. Berglund (Santa Barbara), R. Blumenhagen (Berlin), A. Brandhuber (CERN), I. Brunner (Rutgers), P. Candelas (Texas), J. de Boer (Berkeley) J. Distler (Texas), S. Foerste (Bonn), J. Fuchs (Karlstad), A. Font (Venezuela), B. Gato Rivera (Madrid), C. Gomez (Madrid), A. Grassi (Philadelphia), F. Hassan (Palaiseau), P. Horava (Cal Tech), S. Hosono (Toyama), L. Jonke (Zagreb), S. Kachru (Berkeley), R. Kallosh (CERN), T. Karki (Swansea), E. Kiritsis (Heraklion), S. Kuzenko (Munich), K. Landsteiner (CERN), W. Lerche (CERN), E. Lopez (CERN), J. Louis (Halle), D. Lüst (Berlin), D. Lowe (Brown), P. Mayr (CERN), R. Minasian (Yale), T. Mohaupt (Halle), S. Mukhi (Bombay), D.I. Olive (Swansea), Y. Oz (CERN), J. Pawelczyk (Munich), A.C. Petkou (Kaiserslautern), D. Polyakov (ICTP), J. Polchinski (Santa Barbara), E. Rabinovici (Jerusalem), V. Radovanovic (Belgrade), A. Recknagel (Potsdam), S.-J. Rey (Korea), A. Rosly (Moscow), I. Sachs (Munich), A. Sagnotti (Rome), B. Schellekens (NIKHEF), K.-G. Schlesinger (Wuppertal), C. Schmidhuber (CERN), C. Schweigert (Zürich), A. Schwimmer (Weizman), C. Scrucca (Munich), A. Sen (Allahabad), E. Silverstein (Stanford), H. Skarke (Berlin), H. Skenderis (Princeton), J. Sonnenschein (Tel Aviv), S. Stanciu (Utrecht), P. Townsend (Cambridge), A. Tseytlin (Imperial College), S. Yankielowicz (Tel Aviv), B. Zwiebach (MIT)