Practical Information

Hotel "Klosterhof zur Post"

Schulstraße 3, 83735 Bayrischzell - Tel.: +49-(0)8023 / 8197 10
All rooms have been booked with half board (Halbpension), i.e. breakfast and dinner. Drinks are extra (except tea, coffee etc. at breakfast and coffee during the first morning intermission). You should arrange for lunch individually either at the hotel or other places in and around Bayrischzell.

How to get to Bayrischzell 

From Munich airport:

Take the S-Bahn to Munich central station (Hauptbahnhof). There is only one direction - both S1 and S8 trains will do. (You will need to purchase a ticket from one of the vending machines before you get on the train. You  can also use 8 stripes of a "Streifenkarte".)

From Munich by train (Bayrische Oberlandbahn):

Take the local train from Munich central station (track 27-36) to Bayrischzell (final destination). From Bayrischzell train station to Hotel Gasthof zur Post is a short walk (click here for a map).The duration of the train journey is about 80 minutes. The train leaves every hour. For a exact time table see DB webpage or contact us.

From Munich by car:

Get on the highway (Autobahn) A8 Munich-Salzburg. Take the exit "Irschenberg (99)" off A8, direction "Miesbach". Follow B472 and then B307 through Hausham, past Schliersee and to Bayrischzell.  (Local Map)