Download Relativistic Hydrodynamic Codes and Results
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The hydrodynamic codes here fall in two algorithmic classes: direct solvers and solvers based on the boltzmann equations (lattice Boltzmann codes).

Direct Solvers

2+1d: VH2

Hydrodynamic code for Non-Central Heavy-Ion Collisions:

1+1d: VH1

Hydrodynamic code for Central Heavy-Ion Collisions (Reference): code version 0.0beta,
WARNING: no longer maintained. Download code and RHIC results here.

0+1d: VH0

Solver for 2nd order hydrodynamic equations (Bjorken flow) (Reference): code version 1.0,
Download code here.

Lattice Boltzmann Solvers

0+1d: relab0D

RElativistic LAttice BOltzmann solver (Reference): Download code here (currently v0.31).

3+1d: relab3D

Relativistic 3+1d version, download code here (v3.2).
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Paul Romatschke, 30.09.20