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Relativistic Viscous Hydrodynamics Codes

This site is the repository for the viscous hydrodynamics model for heavy-ion collisions (VH2+1) and the ads+hydro+cascade model (codename 'SONIC'), as well as its generalization to fluctuating initial conditions (codename 'superSONIC').

The code in this repository is a collection of software written by different people. Specifically, contributors were P. Romatschke, U. Romatschke and M. Luzum (vh2); M. Strickland (paramreader.cpp); P. F. Kolb, J. Sollfrank, and U. Heinz (reso); Y.Nara (kln); S.Pratt (b3d); Wilke van der Schee (ads); Ryan Weller (consitutent quark ICs). If using these codes, please be sure to cite the relevant references.

You can download all available versions (see "Download Source") or ascii tables of results ("Download Results").

The relativistic viscous hydro simulation package contains many different theoretical tools and insights. An overview of the theory behind the codes can be found in the book Relativistic Fluid Dynamics In and Out of Equilibrium available by Cambridge University Press.
Last update: 18.04.2022