Tables of the HTL model results

The tables represent the data for the pressure & coupling constant for Nf=2 along various characteristics (ordered by their respective starting temperature, e.g. HTLP35.dat represents the data for the characteristic that starts at T=3.5 Tc); the data in the tables is in the form
#T/Tc #mu/Tc #G^2 #P/Tc^4

HP1.dat HP103.dat HP105.dat HP11.dat
HP115.dat HP12.dat HP125.dat HP13.dat
HP135.dat HP14.dat HP15.dat HP16.dat
HP17.dat HP18.dat HP19.dat HP2.dat
HP22.dat HP25.dat HP27.dat HP3.dat
HP32.dat HP35.dat HP37.dat HP4.dat

Finally, there are also tables for other thermodynamic quantities at T=0.01Tc, notably

Last update: 1.5.2003