The 2022 workshop focuses on recent advances in understanding of higher structures relevant in both string and field theories. These structures include higher degree flux fields and corresponding gauge theories, higher algebraic structures and higher geometrical structures like non-commutative, non-associative and generalized geometries. The workshop aims at bringing together experts in theoretical and mathematical physics working on these topics to foster communication between researchers working on different facets of the problems and to develop new insights into geometrical and algebraic underpinnings of the field and string theories.


Hotel "Klosterhof zur Post"

Bayrischzell (80km south of Munich)

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organising committee:

Marija Dimitrijevic Ciric (University of Belgrade, Serbia),
Larisa Jonke (Rudjer Boskovic Institute, Croatia),
Branislav Jurco (Charles University Prague, Czech Rep.),
Peter Schupp (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany),
Michael Wohlgenannt (AUI Vienna, Austria)

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