Mirah Gary

Institute für Theoretische Physik
Technische Unviersität Wien
Wiedner Hauptstraße 8-10/136
A-1040 Wien, AUSTRIA

Tel: (AT) +43-1-58801-13628
      (US) +1-805-323-6866

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mgary (at) hep.itp.tuwien.ac.at
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I am the Principal Investigator of the FWF project "Higher Spin Holography in Curved Spaces" at the Institute for Theoretical Physics, TU Wien, where I work closely with other members of the Fundamental Interactions group. Previously, I was a postdoc in Daniel Grumiller's Black Hole group at the same institute. I recieved my PhD from UCSB, where my advisor was Steve Giddings. Prior to that, I earned a B.A. with honors at UC Berkeley in Physics and Applied Mathematics.

Research interests:

  • String Theory as a theory of Quantum Gravity
  • Black Hole Evaporation, Unitarity, and (Non-)Locality
  • Holography and AdS/CFT
  • Holography beyond AdS/CFT
  • Higher Spin Theories

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